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The Process of a Criminal Case: The Appeal Process

A lot of effort is put into the trial and when a guilty verdict is given, the defendant may feel as though they have run out of options. A guilty verdict does not have to be the end of the road and many people are able to find an alternative outcome through the appeal process. There are various reasons why a verdict may be appealed but this can be a difficult thing to do.

Finding the right Pasadena criminal attorney to represent you is an important thing to do in both the early stages of your case and the appeal process. An attorney can help make sure that you adhere to deadlines that are set and these include filing the Notice of Appeal within 30 days from the order or judgment for a misdemeanor case or 60 days for a felony case.

What is an appeal? This does not meant that you will have a completely new trial. What it does mean is that the appellate court can review the information from the previous trial to determine if a legal error was made in the way that testimonies or exhibits were received. Not everyone is able to appeal a case and in order to pursue this option you will need to be able to claim that there was insufficient evidence for the verdict that was given or that there was a mistake of law that influenced the results.

Depending on what the reason for the appeal is, the court may look over the information from the trial or have a hearing with both sides of the case. If an appeal is successful, the benefits that it provides can be invaluable. Speak with our Pasadena criminal lawyer about the option of appealing your case.