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Have You Been Charged For A White Collar Crime?

You should not make the mistake of thinking that a white collar crime is in any way less serious than a violent crime or a drug crime. Being charged with any type of criminal offense is a serious situation. The prosecutor in your case will be fully committed to securing a conviction that may send you to jail or prison, depending on the specific crime. As soon as you learn that you are under investigation or have been charged, you should make an effort to know your rights and the specific laws that can be effective in fighting your charges.

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What is a White Collar Criminal Act?

If you have been charged with any type of white collar crime, such as wire fraud, embezzlement, insurance fraud, tax evasion or mortgage fraud, it may be possible that you are under federal investigation as well. Federal investigators use a vast range of resources to dig deep into a suspect's activities, and you may be accused of a crime that you didn't even know you were committing.

For example, the criminal offense of tax evasion involves using illegal means to lower a tax obligation. If you have ever misrepresented taxes on a customs form or failed to file your taxes, you may be accused of this federal crime that carries serious penalties. If convicted of filing a false tax return, you may spend up to three years in prison and owe up to $100,000 in fines. This is but one example of how an individual can be accused of a white collar crime, and this illustrates the importance of fighting white collar crime accusations with the help of an experienced Pasadena white collar crime attorney.

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White collar crimes have been on the increase in recent years, as the internet has made it easier to commit crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud. Whether you are accused of committing the offense as part of a corporate organization or if you acted on your own, you can still be subjected to harsh criminal penalties if you are found guilty. To avoid allowing law enforcement to gather more evidence against you, it is always advisable to avoid speaking with anyone regarding your charges. A Pasadena white collar crime lawyer from our firm can also advise you of what you need to know if you are under any form of surveillance, or if your personal records have been placed under a subpoena.

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