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Nine California High School Students Arrested Due to Sexual Assault Accusations

According to several different news articles, nine young men at Venice High School were recently arrested following accusations of sexual assault. Authorities say that the unlawful acts persisted for more than a year against two underage girls.

The majority of the alleged offenders were arrested while on the school’s campus, while others were brought into custody away from the high school. One even turned himself in. Investigations point to a total of 14 boys who were involved in the offense. The two underage victims were allegedly assaulted by the boys on several different occasions, beginning in 2013.

No Tolerance for Sex Crimes on Campus

Superintendents at the school warned police of the possible sex offenses. Police officers then took action and one Police Chief said that the safety of the students is their priority. Law enforcement refuses to put up with sexual misconduct on campus.

Police officers said that the crimes persisted from December 2013 until March 2015. The LA Unified School District is making every effort to accommodate law enforcement’s efforts and alerted the suspects' parents.

This serious crime is punishable by law, if the suspects are convicted. Penalties for sexual assault can be severe and it is imperative that anyone accused have appropriate legal counsel. If you are currently facing charges for a similar crime, please contact The Law Offices of Matthew Cargal right away. Our Pasadena assault lawyer may be able to reduce or dismiss your charges!