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Attorney Matthew CargalFor more than 25 years, Pasadena criminal lawyer Matthew Cargal and the rest of our team at the Law Offices of Matthew Cargal has been helping people accused of DUI and other criminal offenses. Our practice is focused exclusively on DUI and other criminal defense and we have successfully defended hundreds of cases. Successfully defending any criminal case is complicated and requires a Pasadena criminal defense attorney who is very experienced in that area.

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    Pearl J.

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The Law Offices of Matthew Cargal Is Your Best Choice

  • We Are Thorough

    We do a thorough investigation of every case in order to determine your best defense.

  • We Find Alternatives to Jail

    We are experts in finding alternative options should jail be an issue in your case.

  • We Keep You Informed

    Our clients are kept updated about their case at all times and return all communication promptly.

  • We Get Results!

    We do what it takes to get the best possible result, including motions and jury trial.

  • You Get the Attorney You Hired

    Matthew Cargal — not a paralegal, assistant, or junior attorney — will handle your case and will be available to discuss your case with you at your request.

  • We've Handled Hundreds of Cases

    Matthew Cargal has handled hundreds of cases in Pasadena, Los Angeles County and throughout southern California. This means he knows the court, judge and prosecutor that will be handling your case.

  • We Handle Administrative Cases

    Matthew Cargal has successfully represented hundreds of clients before the DMV and other government administrative agencies.


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The Law Offices of Matthew Cargal

of Counsel to the Law Offices of Myles L. Berman

Being arrested for a DUI or other criminal offense is traumatic and can result in serious consequences. However, being arrested does not mean that you must suffer the consequences of a conviction! With the right Pasadena criminal defense lawyer your side, you have a chance of getting the charges dismissed or reduced.

Your best chance of a successful defense lies in your choice of attorneys. To ensure that you have the best possible outcome, you need an experienced, focused, and aggressive Pasadena criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of success. You need Pasadena criminal defense lawyer Matthew Cargal!

Here are several benefits of hiring our criminal defense attorney in Pasadena, CA:

  • Access to expert advice and legal counsel
  • Ability to properly weigh the risks and benefits of plea bargains
  • The ability to build a strong defense case for trial
  • Knowledge of state laws, court procedures, evidence rules, sentencing guidelines, etc.
  • Negotiation power with prosecutors for lesser charges or reduced sentences
  • Creative strategies for courtroom proceedings
  • Assistance in preparing documents such as motions or appeals
  • Accurate explanation of your rights throughout the whole process
  • Support and guidance during the entire process
  • Representation in court, from bail hearings to sentencing

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make when facing criminal charges. A good criminal defense attorney will have intimate knowledge of local laws and procedures, as well as be fully prepared to fight for your rights in court.

Attorney Cargal understands how the system works, what strategies work best in different cases, and how to properly weigh the risks and benefits of plea bargains. With his help, you’ll have access to expert advice that can help maximize your chances of success.

Incredibly personable, dedicated and knowledgeable. He worked tirelessly to make sure we had the outcome we wanted, and made sure to make me feel safe and reassured along the way.

- Former Client

What Is A Defense Attorney?

A defense attorney is a lawyer who represents individuals or entities (such as corporations) who have been accused of committing a crime. Defense attorneys work to protect the legal rights of their clients and provide them with legal counsel and representation throughout the criminal justice process.

Their primary goal is to defend their clients against the accusations made by the prosecution and to secure the best possible outcome for their clients, which could include a reduced sentence, a plea bargain, or an acquittal. Defense attorneys may also advise their clients on legal matters outside of criminal proceedings, such as related civil litigation or regulatory issues.

Understand the Importance of Working With a Legal Professional

It is important that you understand the level of influence that a conviction can cause, so that you can better comprehend the importance of working with a legal professional. A criminal conviction can stay on your record for years or sometimes permanently. Criminal conviction information is usually available to the public and will appear on most background or immigration checks.

The consequences can include: jail, prison, probation, parole, large fines, registration as an offender for life, loss of employment, inability to obtain employment, loss of professional license and in some cases deportation.

For more than 25 years, Pasadena criminal defense lawyer Matthew Cargal have focused exclusively on defending the freedom of those charged with various crimes. Pasadena criminal defense attorney Matthew Cargal has successfully defended hundreds of cases in the past. We continue to fight to obtain the best possible results for each of our clients. If you or someone you know has been arrested, contact our criminal defense attorney in Pasadena, CA, immediately to discuss how we can help!

Know What Your Arrest Could Mean For You

  • Permanent Criminal Record
  • Fines & Court Costs
  • Jail or Prison Time
  • Probation or Parole
  • Driver’s License Suspension
  • Loss of Professional License
  • Inability to
    Obtain Certain Jobs
  • Possible Deportation If You Are Not a Citizen
  • Registration for Life for Some Types of Cases
  • Loss of the Right to Own or Possess a Firearm

Backed By Hundreds of Results

We Have Successfully Defended Hundreds of
Criminal and DUI Cases

Some of Our Past Results
    • DUI from a Nurse, Reduced to wet reckless and no sanctions from nursing board Reduced to wet reckless
    • Reduced to dry reckless Reduced to dry reckless.
    • Reduced to dry reckless. Reduced to dry reckless
    • Jury trial, not guilty, driver's license restored. Not Guilty
    • Reduced to dry reckless, DMV hearing won. Reduced to dry reckless
    • Reduced to wet reckless, DMV hearing won. Reduced to wet reckless
    • Fourth Offense Felony DUI Involving Accident Jail avoided
    • Felony Rape Charges Reduced
    • DUI with Heroin, Case dismissed after proof of completion of drug treatment program. Case Dismissed
    • Second Offense Misdemeanor DUI Reduced to non-alcohol related charge
    • Rape Charges not filed
    • Felony Possession of Methamphetamine & Pipe with Prison Prior Charges dismissed
    • Felony Graffiti Reduced to misdemeanor
    • Felony Possession Charges dismissed
    • Fourth Offense Felony DUI, No jail, multiple probation violations. No Jail
    • Felony Commercial Burglary Case reduced to petty theft
    • Felony Possession for Sales of Controlled Substance Reduced to simple possession
    • Kidnapping & Possession of a Firearm by a Felon Charges dismissed
    • Battery Case Dismissed
    • Possession of 7 oz. of Marijuana for Sale Charges dismissed
    • Extreme DUI from a Teacher, Reduced to wet reckless and no sanctions from school board Reduced to wet reckless
    • Commercial Burglary Reduced to petty theft
    • Reduced to wet reckless accident, commercial license restored. Reduced to wet reckless
    • Jury trial, Not guilty, license reinstated. License Reinstated
    • Reduced to wet reckless and found not guilty on .08 BAC DUI, commercial license reinstated. Not Guilty
    • Juvenile Felony Sexual Assault Custody time avoided
    • Case dismissed, convicted of exhibition of speed, DMV hearing won. Case Dismissed
    • Extreme DUI from a Doctor, Reduced to wet reckless and medical license saved Reduced to wet reckless
    • Domestic Violence Not guilty
    • Juvenile Rape Charges dismissed
    • Extreme DUI Not Guilty
    • Extreme DUI, dismissed and convicted of drinking in public Dismissed
    • Reduced to wet reckless Reduced to wet reckless
    • Embezzlement Charges dismissed
    • Jury trial, not guilty, driver's license reinstated Not Guilty
    • Felony Grand Theft Auto with Gang Allegation Reduced to misdemeanor
    • Possession of Marijuana for Sales & Transportation Reduced to simple possession
    • Child Endangerment, Case dismissed on first day of jury trial. Case Dismissed
    • Felony Possession for Sales with Probation Violation Reduced to misdemeanor
    • Burglary Case reduced to petty theft and eventually
    • Extreme DUI Not Guilty
    • Attempted Murder with Gang Allegations Carrying a Life Sentence Charge Reduced
    • Felony Possession Case Dismissed
    • Third Offense DUI, Jail sentence avoided. House arrest used as alternative to jail Jail sentence avoided
    • Grand Theft of Over $3000 Worth of Merchandise from Retail Store Reduced to misdemeanor
    • Felony Possession for Sales & Transportation of Controlled Substance Jail sentence avoided
    • No charges filed after meeting with prosecutor, DMV hearing won. No Charges Filed
    • Reduced to dry reckless Reduced to dry reckless
    • Reduced to dry reckless Reduced to dry reckless

Dedicated to Defending Those
Charged With a Crime

Request Your Free Consultation

The consultation will be with Matthew Cargal and not an “associate attorney”, “legal assistant” or “paralegal”. We believe it is critical that you meet, interview and feel comfortable with the person who will be representing you! During the consultation, our Pasadena criminal defense lawyer will discuss all aspects of your case and answer any questions that you may have. In person appointments are available during the day, in the evening and on weekends. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help resolve this stressful issue for you.

What to Do If You Are
Suspected of a Crime

Or Involved in an Arrest

The success of your defense depends not only on who you choose to represent you, but also on what you do to protect your own rights.

If you are contacted by law enforcement and you believe you are suspected of a crime:

  • Do not make any statements without consulting with an attorney first
  • Do not argue with the law enforcement officers
  • Keep your hands visible, do not touch an officer, do not resist and
  • Never run from the police
  • Write down everything that happened as soon as you get an opportunity
  • Contact Pasadena criminal defense attorney Matthew Cargal immediately