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Officers Receive App to Access Criminal Records on Smart Phones

New technology allows officers to get the information on a suspect's background quicker than before. Previously, an officer would have to call back to the station in order to get access to the statewide criminal record. This could cause for delays, and made officers dependent on the station when they were out in the field. Now, they have a new app on their phone called JusticeMobile and it enables them to learn this information as they are out patrolling. This will allow them to get needed info fast and in a convenient manner. While they are in the situation they can get access to details that may influence if they make an arrest or not.

So far, around 600 officers in Northern California have used the app, and it is expected that soon there will be another 1,600 using it. While the use of the app has been predominantly in San Francisco, over 3,600 LAPD officers will be getting the app shortly. The app was developed through the use of local, state and federal funds. Extensive security measures were taken to ensure that this app is protected on the officers' smartphones from others trying to break into the system. It is also possible to delete the app remotely when an officer's phone has been lost or stolen.

As of now, California is the only state to provide its officers access to these statewide criminal records. What does this mean for suspects? With a greater ease pulling up a background, those who find themselves being questioned by an officer may have to face their past mistakes showing up more easily than they had hoped for. The best option when charged for a crime is to turn to a Pasadena criminal lawyer to fight the allegations or pursue a reduced sentence. Contact The Law Offices of Matthew Cargal as soon as possible for a free consultation.