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Drug Crime Defense

In California, drug crimes are highly penalized and those who are convicted can face costly fines, jail time and even a strike on their record. An accusation of sale, transportation, possession or any other offense should be fought at all costs and there are a number of strong defense options. Not all accusations are accurate and the court understands this. There are people that are falsely accused and there are times that the police make an error.

Focusing on the officer is one defense option. In California, there are certain search and seizure rules that need to be adhered to by officers to protect the rights of residents. Law enforcement should not be given the right to do just anything since they are not infallible. There are restrictions including when and how property can be searched. Officers may fail to get a warrant or permission from the property owner and can enter the premises and search unlawfully. This may negate the evidence that is found in certain cases. They may also make exaggerations on the police report rather than relaying just the facts. Sometimes their hopes to make a conviction can cloud their judgment and they may not make a fair assessment. They may also violate the entrapment laws of the state by setting up certain situations. An arrest may also be made when there is not enough evidence that the person taken into custody actually is owns the drugs.

You are innocent until proven guilty so a charge does not mean that you are guilty at this point. The prosecution will need to prove that you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt so building this doubt can be enough to get you off the hook. You may have an alibi or there may be a witness account that can be used. While the best option is to have the criminal accusations dropped all together, this is not always possible, but another option includes seeking to have the charges reduced. This is another important defense option that can lead to significantly reduced penalties. You may be charged for the sale of drugs but it may be possible to bring this down to a charge for possession. This may allow you to avoid jail time, costly fines and other consequences of a conviction.

Our firm has worked in drug crime cases involving different types of uncontrolled substances and with charges for different types of criminal activity. We can investigate the conduct of the police involved in the investigation, as well as pursuing other options. Contact our Pasadena criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation to determine effective defense strategies in your case.