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Forensic Analyst Accused of Drugs from Evidence

Drug crimes may come with a stigma but the reality is that people in every type of profession and from all walks of life may find themselves accused. Many times this is a wrongful allegation and it is just an issue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A false accusation should be forcefully fought, but many people can also deal with receiving harsher penalties than what actually fits the crime. A conviction can be life altering and lead to penalties of jail, fines, rehabilitative treatment and more.

One man is now facing the outcome of a case, after pleading guilty to the charges against him. The former state crime lab forensic analyst was suspected of taking drugs from work. He worked in a California lab and was said to have taken around a half pound of cocaine and crystal methamphetamine that had been retained for evidence purposes. The 43 year old man, HB, had the start of his trial this week and chose to enter a plea for the embezzlement charges against him. He is potentially looking at jail time of 16 months, along with other potential penalties.

The case is expected to come to an end soon and the former employee will be sentenced. While he may deal with considerable jail time, the outcome of a conviction can include many other ramifications. A conviction will be on his criminal record and this information may be looked into by potential employers. It can limit his future career, along with other important aspects. A conviction is a challenging thing to go up against. It is best to work with a Pasadena criminal defense attorney to seek a reduced penalty or fight charges all together. Contact us at The Law Offices of Matthew Cargal today.