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  • Marijuana DUIs in Pasadena
    Marijuana DUIs in Pasadena

    After voters passed Proposition 64 on November 8, 2016, California became the eighth state in the country to legalize recreational cannabis in January 2018. Although it is legal for state residents ...

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  • Drug Crime Defense
    Drug Crime Defense

    In California, drug crimes are highly penalized and those who are convicted can face costly fines, jail time and even a strike on their record. An accusation of sale, transportation, possession or any ...

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  • Forensic Analyst Accused of Drugs from Evidence
    Forensic Analyst Accused of Drugs from Evidence

    Drug crimes may come with a stigma but the reality is that people in every type of profession and from all walks of life may find themselves accused. Many times this is a wrongful allegation and it is ...

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  • Medical Marijuana Use & Dispensaries
    Medical Marijuana Use & Dispensaries

    Marijuana is a drug that has been pushed forward and the use encouraged for the medical benefits that it can offer. For those with health concerns, it can be a relief when nothing else seems to work. ...

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