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The Process of a Criminal Case: The Verdict

Trial can be a long process as the defense and the prosecution attempt to persuade the jury of their side of the case. Following the lawyers' arguments and the presentation of the evidence at trial, the verdict will be given. The jury may deliberate for the time they need before coming back with a verdict of guilty or not guilty. If they do find the defendant guilty then they will need to all agree on this decision beyond reasonable doubt. Once the guilty verdict is given then the sentencing will also need to be provided.

The defendant could also be facing multiple charges so they might be found guilty on some accounts, and not guilty on others. If the defendant is found to be not guilty by the jury then this is referred to as an "acquittal." This will mean that the defendant is to be released. A verdict of not guilty and of innocence are not the same thing. Being found not guilty simply means that the jury was not presented enough evidence or arguments to be convinced of the defendant's guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Under the law of double jeopardy, the defendant cannot be tried for the same case again if they have been found guilty.

Even with an acquittal, there will be a mark on the defendant's record. For those who claim to be wrongfully arrested and they want the arrest taken off of their record, they can request a hearing before the judge. For individuals who are found guilty in their case, there is still the option of appealing the decision. This process should also be done with the representation of a Pasadena, CA criminal defense attorney since it can be difficult to convince the court that a wrong verdict was given.