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Can I Fight a DWI Charge?

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The short answer is "yes, you can." Just like any other criminal charges, you can fight charges of driving while intoxicated. There are a few different ways in which you can do so, and The Law Offices of Matthew Cargal is here to help. The key to any successful defense is to retain a capable Pasadena criminal lawyer . We have over 25 years of criminal defense experience and will go the extra mile to ensure that you do not face an unnecessary DWI conviction.

Unlawful Police Stops

Police officers must follow certain rules and regulations when it comes to police stops. The officer must have witnessed signs of intoxication – such as drifting over lane lines or driving at night without headlights – or the officer must have been tipped off by a third-party witness. You have a valid reason to fight your DWI if your arresting officer pulled you over without having any reason to suspect that you were intoxicated or committing any other traffic offense.

Police Misconduct

You could also fight your DWI based on a mistake (or more than one) made by your arresting officer. This mistake could be made when the officer is conducting a field sobriety test, or when they administer a breath or blood test. These tests must be conducted correctly in order to guarantee valid results.

Breath & Blood Test Errors

Breathalyzer machines are very sensitive and require proper calibration every single time they are used. Did your arresting officer calibrate the machine correctly? Did the officer instruct you thoroughly on how to blow into the Breathalyzer before you did so? If not, your breath test could have been a false positive for DWI. Blood samples can also be mishandled in the lab, or the test machine could be faulty. Our firm can help you determine whether or not your test results are valid.

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