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  • The Process of a Criminal Case: The Appeal Process

    || 25-Nov-2013

    A lot of effort is put into the trial and when a guilty verdict is given, the defendant may feel as though they have run out of options. A guilty verdict does not have to be the end of the road and many people are able to find an alternative outcome through the appeal process. There are various reasons why a verdict may be appealed but this can be a difficult thing to do. Finding the right ...
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  • The Process of a Criminal Case: The Verdict

    || 22-Nov-2013

    Trial can be a long process as the defense and the prosecution attempt to persuade the jury of their side of the case. Following the lawyers' arguments and the presentation of the evidence at trial, the verdict will be given. The jury may deliberate for the time they need before coming back with a verdict of guilty or not guilty. If they do find the defendant guilty then they will need to all ...
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  • The Process of a Criminal Case: The Trial

    || 20-Nov-2013

    After an arraignment will be the trial. In a criminal case, defendants have a right for their case to be tried by a jury of their peers. Prior to the trial, the defendant will need to choose if they want a jury or court trial. It is more common that a defendant will request a trial by jury, but in some cases, the Pasadena criminal attorney may suggest that the alternative is used. In the United ...
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  • The Process of a Criminal Case: The Arraignment

    || 18-Nov-2013

    After an arrest will be the arraignment. It is here that the judge will state the charges against the defendant, ask how they plead, present what their rights are and ask if they need a lawyer to be provided. Depending on how the defendant pleads, the remainder of the case can go several ways. A plea may be not guilty, guilty or no contest. A judge may then decide the following: To release the ...
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  • The Process of a Criminal Case: The Arrest

    || 15-Nov-2013

    The first thing that will take place in a case is the arrest. In order to make an arrest the officer will need to have probably cause. This can be through a warrant that has been issued by a judge or they can make a judgment call that they will need to justify later. Upon taking a person into custody, their Miranda Rights will need to be read to them. These include the following: The right to ...
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  • Plea Bargains in California

    || 11-Nov-2013

    For those who are charged for a crime, weighing your options is important. You want to consider if your case is worth taking all the way to court, or if you want to seek a reduced sentence through negotiations. A plea bargain may be sought and this will essentially be an agreement that is made between you and the prosecutor in your case. You are agreeing that you will plead or no contest guilty to ...
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  • New Law May Help Workers with Criminal Backgrounds Get a Job

    || 6-Nov-2013

    The large amount of workers in the state of California means that there is a greater chance for employees with a criminal past. Many of these employers provide hard work and their past record is never an issue. That doesn't mean that individuals with a criminal record won't face a bias when seeking a job or even be prevented from getting hired in the first place. To help provide more of a ...
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  • Drug Crime Defense

    || 2-Oct-2013

    In California, drug crimes are highly penalized and those who are convicted can face costly fines, jail time and even a strike on their record. An accusation of sale, transportation, possession or any other offense should be fought at all costs and there are a number of strong defense options. Not all accusations are accurate and the court understands this. There are people that are falsely ...
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  • Types of Theft Crimes in California

    || 25-Sep-2013

    Theft crime is somewhat of an umbrella term that refers to a number of different types of illegal activity involving removing property from the possession of the owner without their consent. It can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. Below are the different forms of theft crimes, and if you are faced with allegations of committing these or another crime, we ...
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  • Officers Receive App to Access Criminal Records on Smart Phones

    || 17-Sep-2013

    New technology allows officers to get the information on a suspect's background quicker than before. Previously, an officer would have to call back to the station in order to get access to the statewide criminal record. This could cause for delays, and made officers dependent on the station when they were out in the field. Now, they have a new app on their phone called JusticeMobile and it ...
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  • Battery vs. Assault

    || 11-Sep-2013

    The laws for battery and assault will differ from state to state, but many times these terms are used synonymously when they are actually two different charges. The two charges often go hand in hand but that does not mean it is always the case. You may be charged for assault and battery, but you can also be charged for assault alone. Battery however, will require the inclusion of an assault ...
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  • What to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    || 2-Sep-2013

    Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is a very personal matter. As each case is different, a criminal defense lawyer who works well for one person may not necessarily work well for another. It could not be more important that you have a criminal defense lawyer is an advocate who you feel comfortable opening up to, and who has a certain level of compassion and understanding of what you are going ...
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  • California Drunk Driving Punishments: California Vehicle Code 23152

    || 26-Aug-2013

    According to California Vehicle Code 23152, " Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs " it is illegal for any individual to drive a vehicle while he or she is under the influence of either alcohol, drugs or both. It is also illegal for any person to be driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 % or more. Any commercial driver who drives with a BAC level ...
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  • DMV Hearings: You Have 10 Days to Act

    || 19-Aug-2013

    If you have been placed under arrest for driving while under the influence (DUI) in Pasadena, you should have already received a notice of suspension or revocation from the arresting officer. As California law requires that the officer forward a copy of that notice to the DMV at once, you will need to act fast. The law allows DUI suspects to request a DMV hearing, but only if the request is made ...
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  • Do I Need a Lawyer for a DUI?

    || 5-Aug-2013

    Have you been recently arrested for a DUI offense? If so, the decisions you make in the few days following your arrest may be a game changer when it comes to fighting for your future and challenging the charges that have been placed against you. Many people may feel as though they don’t need a DUI defense attorney on their side to prove their innocence, though it is important to realize that ...
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